New trainees and graduates are provided support to assist them develop their skills and knowledge through mentoring.

Check out the video below of mentor Petra detailing her experience as a mentor.

Who is a mentor?

  • A South Australian public sector employee who can support new trainees and graduates by sharing their experiences
  • Any South Australian public sector employee who is passionate and willing to contribute to the development of young people entering into the public sector.

Benefits of being a mentor include:

  • Recognition of your skills and experience
  • Exposure to fresh perspective, ideas and approaches
  • The opportunity to develop your coaching, leadership and professional conversation skills
  • Ability to link learnings from being a mentor to your own professional and personal development goals
  • The reward of having helped shape and develop a young person’s professional career
  • Inclusion of your mentor program participation in your professional development plan.

Role of the mentor is to:

  • Develop an open and trusting relationship
  • Support the mentee to develop their understanding of working in the public sector
  • Exemplify the public sector values in practice
  • Provide guidance and support through difficult situations
  • Help develop professional capabilities and assist in career and personal goal setting.

What will I do as a mentor?

  • Mentors will support a group of up to three trainees or graduates at a time
  • A time commitment of approximately one hour per month is needed for mentors to meet with their mentees
  • Mentors facilitate professional conversations during their meetings to develop their mentees’ understanding of the South Australian public sector
  • Mentors provide support and assist their mentees to develop their own professional capabilities and professional goal setting