Public sector agencies play an important role in providing training opportunities for new and existing workers under the Skilling SA Project. Below are useful resources and information for agencies under each of the Project's three pathways.

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Learn more about public sector agency involvement from Alison Flesher, 2021 Outstanding Supervisor from the Department for Child Protection.

Pathway 1 of the Skilling SA Public Sector Project provides for the recruitment, employment and training of new apprentices, trainees and graduates by public sector agencies.

Pathway 2 of the Skilling SA Public Sector Project enables public sector agencies to host a trainee or apprentice employed by a Group Training Organisation (GTO).

A mandatory panel of seven providers has been procured by OCPSE consisting of the following organisations:

OCPSE is the contract manager of the panel, and public sector agencies can engage GTO's on standard terms and conditions without the need for a secondary procurement process.

Further information regarding the panel and its benefits to agencies is available from the following resources:

Pathway 3 of the Skilling SA Public Sector Project provides for the upskilling of existing public sector employees in key areas. Agencies can nominate employees to undertake a qualification to meet workforce skilling requirements.

Further information regarding this pathway is available from the following information sheets:

Public sector apprentices, trainees and graduates learn through a mixture of study (hosted by a training provider) and workplace experience. As a supervisor, you play an important role in their development and work experience.

Information for Supervisors

Agencies can source Nominated Training Organisations (NTOs) providers by reviewing the Department for Innovation and Skills (DIS) Course search and following these steps:

  1. Clicking the DIS Course link here
  2. Enter the course name
  3. Select ‘do a traineeship or apprenticeship’
  4. Select appropriate course level (i.e. Certificate IV, etc)
  5. Search results will display relative courses, click the appropriate course you were seeking providers for
  6. A list of NTOs providing subsidised traineeships/apprenticeships in SA will appear. Feel free to review and engage these providers.

The full list of qualifications can be found on the Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathways Schedule (TAPS)  found here. This list includes available qualifications under a Contract of Training, nominal duration of the contact and length of the probation period. Eligible qualifications include Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.