Contact us in the first instance with your project idea via email: and our team will reply promptly. Include a short outline of up to 200 words in your nomination.


The Lab works on projects that are founded on public policy, service delivery, and complexity, with multiple partners and stakeholders. We aim to facilitate work that is outside of business-as-usual, and challenging to your core skills and competencies. To find out if your project is eligible, email the Lab with your project idea. For examples of our past work, refer to our project case studies.

Yes. Given you will be required to work on the project you nominate, you will need to obtain your manager’s permission and, generally, the approval of a senior executive. Also, project success depends on a mandate, which should be obtained from the highest authority possible. This also ensures ‘buy-in’ from all stakeholders and participants.

Yes. While the Change@SA program of 90 Day Projects no longer operates, we continue to run projects over a 90-day period as it is an excellent way of focusing effort. However, a project does not necessarily need to use this timing framework. The Lab often runs projects that vary in timing, depending on the nature and need of the work scope. Contact us to discuss your project idea.

No, we work with various types of organisations who are involved in the design of policy and the delivery of services to the community.


We have worked in a number of regional locations in South Australia. While there are some constraints, largely related to travel associated with regional and remote projects, the Team is always open to exploring new ways of collaborating with regional and remote communities.


We generally only facilitate workshops as part of larger projects. However, our team comprises skilled facilitators who are open to opportunities for forming partnerships and connections across Government and the State.

Yes. Contact us with your project idea.