Welcome to the Executive Excellence Program

The Executive Excellence program is a nine month program designed to equip senior executives within the public sector with the skills and tools to be able to lead organisational functions while balancing short- and long-term strategic perspectives.

This program extends beyond traditional leadership skills to build advanced, adaptive and complex thinking skills to enable you to become a more agile and equipped leader.

It will support the development of participating executives to:

  • Balance tactical concerns with strategic possibilities to respond to, and influence, public impact
  • Be agile and resilient in balancing competing priorities, managing strategy, people, processes and systems across the organisation
  • Lead operations to deliver better outcomes for stakeholders and the community
  • Navigate effectively across boundaries to build strategic ties and gain new perspectives to assume a broader scope of responsibility
  • Establish lasting and supportive connections with peers across departments

Program brochure

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  • The Executive Excellence program contains a unique mix of experience, exposure and education designed to strengthen your ability to lead a high performing public sector.

    Check out what's in store for you in 2021:

    Program brochure


    Kick-off the program with keynote speakers and special guests from within and outside the SA public sector. Find out more about the program and what the public sector looks like now and how it will help shape South Australia’s future – where do you fit in?

    360 degree assessment

    Discover yourself as a leader through a sophisticated 360 degree assessment. Explore your strengths and understand what derails you from being effective. Understand how you can be true to yourself and be your best self.

    Face to face workshops

    Be inspired by some of the most amazing, well-respected and experienced subject matter experts, with local and international exposure.  They will work with you on contemporary leadership approaches, concepts and frameworks. Let them ignite your passion and bring out the best in you while they challenge your thinking.

    Below are the module topics you will explore:

    • Leading self: Get ready for a journey of self-discovery as you revisit your 360 degree assessment profile, The Leadership Circle, and delve into conscious leadership. Explore setting development goals and intentions, perspective taking and mindful communication. Participate in a values development experience.
    • Leading change and complexity: Adaptive leadership expands your problem-solving capacity for working in complex environments that’s characterised by uncertainty, competing interests, values and factions. Explore the dynamics of exercising leadership on difficult and persistent problems. Go beyond looking at technical or management processes, to build an in-depth understanding about the nature of leadership during periods of change and the ways it is often avoided and resisted.
    • Leading the enterprise: Enhance your skills on how to lead executive teams successfully and how to deploy strategies across business units and deliver differentiated value for the benefit of your agency. Delve into how to communicate with impact and influence with stakeholders and be politically savvy at the same time. Understand how to rise to the challenges of a complex, ambiguous and changing operating environment.
    • Leading the strategy and public value: Build your capability to lead strategically and investigate the nature of public value creation in a complex and contested world. Discover how to scope and position strategy choices in uncertain, dynamic situations and how to target strategic interventions to efficiently deliver public value.

    Jurisdictional visit

    Immerse yourself in a real-life setting where you explore complex community challenges and government priorities, where you broaden your perspective and strengthen your understanding and community networks.

    Leader/Community connect

    Get up close and personal with SA public sector chief executives, industry and community leaders. Gain insight into their leadership journey, how they lead their organisations to success and how they personally navigate challenges.

    Group coaching sessions

    Contribute to an open and honest discussion with your coach and colleagues about your reflections, ideas and perspectives. Share how you are progressing with your learning and what impact the program is making on your behaviour as a leader.


    Stay connected by meeting new people from across the SA public sector. Build your executive network and enjoy different networking opportunities with peers and colleagues.

    Program Close

    Let’s celebrate! Reminisce on the program journey and reflect on your key learnings and takeaways. Celebrate new friendships and connections with a celebratory lunch and hear from senior public sector leaders.

  • This program is for executives and executive directors who:

    • Have been in their current level for 12 months and have been identified by their chief executive as ready and capable to take on a more complex system leadership role within the next one to two years
    • Are respected by colleagues and have a track record of effectively delivering on complex matters
    • Have demonstrated ability to think and operate strategically and innovatively with a strong focus on delivering for South Australia
    • Are committed to developing themselves and others
    • Have proven agility and success in dealing with multiple stakeholders, including ministers
    • Are role models for the South Australian Public Sector Values.
  • Nominations for the 2021 program are now closed. register your interest for future Intakes click here.

  • This program runs for nine months.

    The investment for the 2021 program is $11,500 plus GST per participant (this excludes any costs associated with the jurisdictional visit).

  • Below are indicative dates for the 2021 program.

    • 360 degree assessment – commences February 2021
    • Orientation – 23 February 2021 (1 Day )
    • 360 degree profile debrief - commences March 2021 (1.5 Hours)
    • Leading self - 25-26 March 2021 (2 Days)
    • Leading change and complexity, adaptive leadership intensive + site visit - late April 2021 (4 Days)
    • CE connect - commences May 2021 (2-3 Hours)
    • Leading the enterprise - 8 June 2021 (1 Day)
    • One on one coaching - commences July 2021 (1 Hour)
    • Leading strategy and public value - 23 July 2021 (1 Day)
    • Jurisdictional visit - mid-late August 2021 (4 Days)
    • Group coaching #1 - 27 August 2021 (Half Day)
    • Industry/Community connect - commences September 2021 (3 Hours)
    • Program close and group coaching #2 - 15 October 2021 (Half Day)
  • Keynote speakers will be announced in January 2021.

  • Workshop facilitators will be announced in January 2021.

  • We value your questions and feedback. Please direct any general enquiries to the Executive Excellence project team via email at: OCPSEExecutiveExcellence@sa.gov.au

    Surlinne Sims
    Principal Leadership Development Consultant
    (w) 8204 2276  (m) 0420 426 635  (e) Surlinne.Sims@sa.gov.au

    Tracy Nissen
    Senior Leadership Development Consultant
    (w)  8204 2275  (e) Tracy.Nissen@sa.gov.au