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At the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, our purpose is to enable the public sector to deliver great results and outcomes for the community.

Employing more than 100,000 South Australians, our public sector is the largest employer in the State.

The South Australian Public Sector is the administrative arm of the Government of South Australia, accountable to the relevant ministers, the Premier, and Parliament.

Agencies within our sector, variously called departments, commissions, authorities and services, are responsible for:

  • advising the government on policy matters
  • implementing government decisions and parliamentary legislation
  • delivering public services such as health care, education, policing, emergency services, natural resource management, and public transport.

The Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (OCPSE) brings together a number of central functions including:

  • the statutory responsibilities of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment
  • reform and renewal
  • leadership development
  • HR policy development and advice
  • workforce data analysis and strategy development
  • salary sacrifice
  • work, health, safety and workers’ compensation, and
  • performance and policy.

The OCPSE is an attached office within the Department of Treasury and Finance. An attached office is an administrative unit with increased reporting responsibilities and has a Chief Executive appointed by the Premier in accordance with the Public Sector Act 2009. For the OCPSE, being an attached office strengthens its independence.