The  Premier’s Direction and  Commissioner’s Guideline outline new standards to ensure that public sector agencies have effective PMD systems in place, and that all public sector employees participate in PMD reviews at least biannually.

As an employee, it is your responsibility to ensure you:

  • Participate in the PMD process and training requirements for your agency;
  • Update and maintain your formal performance agreement/plan in preparation for a formal review of performance with your manager which will occur at least twice a year;
  • Participate in and initiate regular performance-related conversations with your manager, in particular when you identify areas where you need further guidance and support to achieve performance outcomes.

PMD is an integrated and planned systemic approach for continuously developing the performance of all people in an agency, and ultimately delivering a high performing public sector.

It includes a series of formal and informal processes designed to ensure that individuals, teams and agencies achieve their goals in an efficient and effective way.

It provides a way to clearly define work goals and standards, set expectations and review performance against them, provide constructive two-way feedback, and maximise learning and development to empower you to achieve your full potential.

Each public sector agency has its own approach to PMD, but at its core, all PMD processes involve regular meaningful performance-related conversations between managers and employees, supported by a documented performance agreement/plan that is reviewed at least twice a year.

Through regular conversations between you and your direct line manager, PMD will help you:

  • Have regular meaningful conversations to openly discuss any work-related concerns and identify solutions;
  • Be clear on what is expected and collaboratively set performance goals with your manager;
  • Discuss, review and plan for development to help you reach your full potential in your role and plan for your career;
  • Develop an effective partnership with your manager that provides the opportunity for feedback, to share expertise, and work together to address barriers to achieving performance goals; and
  • Better understand how your work contributes to the achievement of your team objectives and ultimately, the success of your agency and the broader public sector.

To highlight the importance of having regular performance conversations, the Premier has issued a Direction that public sector agencies implement a system that makes provision for all employees (including executives) to participate in PMD reviews at least biannually.

The review refers to a formal review of the Performance Management and Development Plan to ensure the plan is current and expectations set are relevant in terms of changing business requirements.

Ideally, all managers and employees should participate in regular, meaningful performance conversations throughout the year. Regular performance conversations are beneficial for optimising your performance and you are encouraged to initiate making time with your manager to have regular conversations regarding your performance and development.

Knowing what to expect and being prepared will be a great advantage. Search your agency’s intranet for tools and tips relevant to your agency’s PMD system. You will also find tips and tools on the Performance Management and Development web page

Speak to your line manager or HR practitioner or search your local intranet for your agency tools and resources including your agency’s policy and procedure/s with regards to PMD.  You will also find relevant information on the Performance Management and Development web page.