Agencies with Peer Support Programs in place will select employees to fill Peer Support Officer roles in their workplace prior to them undertaking this training.

Peer support programs are an important initiative to help create and support mentally healthy workplaces across the SA Public Sector.  Peer Support Officers provide employees with a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential discussion to help with a difficult time or challenges they are facing in the workplace or in their personal life.  Peer Support Officers are not counsellors but can discuss options for accessing further support and guidance. More information about Peer Support Programs can be found in the OCPSE Peer Support Programs - Guidelines .

Part A of the Peer Support Officer Training Program, ‘Foundations in Peer Support’ can be found below. This online module covers:

  • The role of a Peer Support Officer
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Recording and Reporting
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Creating a Safe Space (including establishing trust and essential communication and listening skills)

'Foundations in Peer Support’ takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and needs to be completed in one go.

Only Peer Support Officers who have been selected by their own agencies can register for Part B of the Peer Support Training Program called ‘Peer Support in Practice’. Peer Support in Practice is live training that focuses on developing and practicing peer support skills. Contact your agency’s Peer Support Program Coordinator for more information.

Contacts: Caroline Dingle and Lisa Devine, Principal Consultants – Wellbeing Programs -


  1. Foundations in Peer Support – Online Training Module (Part A)
  2. Peer Support Officer Training Program Workbook (to accompany training program)

Open the Workbook using Adobe Acrobat to be able to enter notes directly into the document.  Alternatively, download and print the Workbook.

At this point in time the peer support online learning module may not be digitally accessible to all users, however we are working towards rectifying this. If you have any difficulty accessing the module please email