Now let’s talk about what the ICAC might mean for you. Are you required to behave differently at work?

This depends on how you were behaving before the Commissioner’s office opened.

Standards of behaviour have not altered. If you were doing the right thing before, then you should keep doing it.

However, if you weren’t doing the right thing, it would be a good time for a rethink.

Some people will also tell you that because of the ICAC you can no longer accept a free cup of coffee. This is indeed true if it comes with a first class airfare and 5-star accommodation in Brazil.

However, if it’s just a cup of coffee, then bon appetit!

The only thing that has really changed is that if you are a public officer, public authority or inquiry agency, you have a mandatory obligation to report all reasonable suspicions of corruption or serious or systemic misconduct and maladministration to the OPI.