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Other contacts

While you should always contact your agency’s human resources area in the first instance with any questions or concerns you may have, there are various government agencies and independent statutory bodies you can approach for expert information on specific matters, including:

BullyingSafeWork SA, a business unit of the Attorney-General’s Department, is responsible for regulating work health and safety, and providing information on managing workplace hazards, including bullying.

Corruption, maladministration and misconductThe Office for Public Integrity (OPI) and the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) are both overseen by this Commissioner. The OPI assesses complaints about potential matters of corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public administration and makes recommendations to the Commissioner. ICAC is a law enforcement body established to promote and preserve the public’s confidence in the integrity of the functions of public administration.

Discrimination – the Equal Opportunity Commission provides information about equal opportunity, including training, to create a better understanding of equal opportunity laws. It also assists people to reach an agreement if a complaint of discrimination or harassment is made.

Unfair dismissal – the South Australian Employment Tribunal has a major role in establishing enforceable conditions of employment and in providing for the prevention and resolution of disputes between employers and employees of the South Australian Public Sector, including hearing and determining unfair dismissal applications.

Return to Work – the State Ombudsman investigates complaints about the way services are delivered in relation to the Return to Work Act 2014, and provides information and assistance to anyone experiencing difficulties with the management of a workers’ compensation claim.

Workplace issues – the Fair Work Ombudsman provides information on dispute resolution and can represent employees in proceedings (other than proceedings for unfair dismissal) if the employee is not otherwise represented.

Industrial Relations – is part of the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF). For more information, visit the DTF website.

Return to Work Services – is part of the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF). For more information, visit the DTF website.