The South Australian Executive Service (SAES) exists to provide the public sector with high-performing leaders who have a shared sense of purpose and direction and who together will actively engage the public sector in the pursuit of the objects of the Public Sector Act 2009 and the public sector principles.

South Australian Executive Service (SAES) Competency Framework

South Australian Executive Service (SAES) Charter

Template SAES contracts

1. Template if signing in hardcopy

2.  Template if signing electronically

The second template can only be adopted where an agency uses sophisticated digital software which creates an audit trail of the electronic signature, including time and date stamps. The cutting and pasting of electronic signatures if not sufficient for these purposes.

Please use the first template if signing in hardcopy, as the second version does not have fields for witness signatures because these are not required when signing electronically.

Further guidance can be found within the templates.