All public sector employees should endeavour to embody the South Australian public sector values at work.

The Public Sector Values and Behaviours Framework has been developed in consultation with more than 600 public sector employees, including the Senior Management Council. The values make it easier for us to work together by forming a culture and a vision that we all share.

The values include:

  • Service
    We proudly serve the community and the South Australian government
  • Professionalism
    We strive for excellence
  • Trust
    We have confidence in the ability of others
  • Respect
    We value every individual
  • Collaboration and engagement
    We create solutions together
  • Honest and integrity
    We act truthfully, consistently and fairly
  • Courage and tenacity
    We never give up
  • Sustainability
    We work to get the best results for current and future generations of South Australians

Our values take into account the ever-changing needs of South Australians, and the place of government in helping to grow the state’s prosperity and wellbeing. The values should be used as a guide to the behaviours and practices that apply to all employees, regardless of position, technical expertise, or location and form the basis for the Code of Ethics and Behaviours Framework.

Download the Public Sector Values and Behaviours Framework or View Plain Text

Download the Public Sector Values A3 poster