In addition to issuing Determinations and Guidelines, the Commissioner will occasionally publish other information relevant to public sector employees.

Public Sector Mobilisation for a Major Emergency

Direction Public Sector Mobilisation for a Major Emergency

South Australian Public Sector Mobilisation Policy

Leading through COVID-19 - Manager Toolkit

Working From Home Guides

Family and Domestic Violence Information Sheet

Healthy Workplaces

COVID-19 Management Guide
COVID-19 Support Wellbeing
COVID-19 Ergonomics at Home
COVID-19 Using the Mentally Healthy Workplaces Toolkit
COVID-19 Injury Management Information Sheet

COVID-19 Workforce Considerations for the South Australian public sector

National Framework for Public Sector Mobility

The National Framework for Public Sector Mobility has been developed to facilitate successful rapid surge mobility across jurisdictions. It will enable our public sectors to continue to respond to the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 has presented, and the continued delivery of critical services to Australians, when they need them most.

The Framework was endorsed by the Commonwealth, State and Territory Public Sector Commissioners on 30 July 2020. This will be supported by a suite of material for effective implementation between jurisdictions.

National Framework for Public Sector Mobility

There is a Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian Defence Force and the South Australian Public Sector regarding the administration of reservists undertaking reserve service under the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001.

Defence Reserve Service MOU

The Government supports access to flexibility at all levels across the South Australian Public Sector, and a culture where working flexibly is considered business as usual. Flexibility can take many forms and it is important to support our people to find the right balance between work and other responsibilities and interests. Redesigning roles to enable people to take up flexible arrangements, including part-time employment, will also open up opportunities for talented South Australians to join the South Australian Public Sector and contribute to strengthening our public sector.

Our approach to flexibility is underpinned by the Code of Ethics for Public Sector Employees and the Public Sector Values.

Flexibility at Work- Information for Managers and Employees
Flexible Workplaces Cultural Readiness Assessment Tool

The South Australian Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Control Policy was developed in consultation with public sector agencies to assist them in the prevention, detection and response to activities labelled or defined as fraud or corruption, other criminal conduct, misconduct and maladministration within the sector.

SA Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Control Policy

To be eligible for employment in the South Australian Public Sector, candidates are required to complete a Pre-Employment Declaration.

The Premier has issued a Direction which requires agencies to seek the information contained in this Pre-Employment Declaration prior to making an offer of employment to any prospective employee.

Agencies must use this Pre-Employment Declaration as a minimum standard. Further details of the pre-employment screening requirements are included in the Commissioner’s Guideline for Recruitment.

Pre-Employment Declaration

This information sheet outlines the requirements for a public sector employee if they are a successful candidate in a state or federal election.

Public sector employees contesting elections

Technology has forever changed the way people communicate and share information. While the wide range of technologies commonly referred to as social media are fundamentally no different to other forms of communication, they are potentially revolutionary because they can connect large numbers of people with relative ease.

We want to put citizens firmly at the centre of government service delivery and information distribution. Social media technologies can support this aim because they are intrinsically about dialogue and engagement within and between individuals and communities.

The purpose of this guide is to create awareness of some of the opportunities that social media present for government, as well as making agencies and staff aware of how to manage the risks associated with the use of this kind of technology.

Social media guidance for agencies and staff

This guide has been developed to assist agencies to build workforce planning capability so they are better positioned to meet their strategic and business plans.

Working It Out- A Workforce Planning Guide

A practical guide for decision makers, managers and human resource officers in the South Australian Public Sector.

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