The vision of this strategy is a diverse, inclusive and safe public sector where everyone belongs.

About the Strategy

The South Australian Public Sector is committed to reflecting the diverse community it serves while creating an inclusive workplace for all its people. Diversity and inclusion underpins creating a contemporary and innovative public sector, which can better serve the needs of the community.

The South Australian Public Sector Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2019-21 provides an overarching vision, priority areas and principles for adoption sector-wide. The strategy recognises agency contexts and circumstances vary and therefore, it provides the strategic umbrella which enables agencies to prioritise activities and approaches according to their needs.

The Strategy’s three priorities are:

  • Reflect the diverse communities that the public sector serves
  • Build diversity and inclusion knowledge and capability
  • Be accountable for diversity and inclusion.

With respect to this strategy, diversity is defined as relating to the mix of background, characteristics, experiences, professional skills and perspectives. These characteristics are referrred to as diversity streams and in this strategy we focus on gender, LGBTIQ+, disability, Aboriginal people, culturally and linguistically diverse, and age diversity streams.

We will be delivering a variety of new initiatives through to the end of 2020, which are outlined in the South Australian Public Sector Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019-20 .

This strategy has been developed in consultation with South Australian public sector agencies, bringing together the significant work undertaken by many agencies, and broadening the sector’s diversity and inclusion focus.

In December 2018, the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment commenced the development of the Strategy in consultation with South Australian public sector agencies. This included a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Workshop for 140 public sector and not-for-profit sector contributors, with a workshop report published in March 2019.

The Strategy was endorsed by the South Australian Government’s Senior Management Council and launched in December 2019.

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