The I WORK FOR SA – Your Voice Survey is a voluntary, confidential and anonymous whole-of-government survey which provides an opportunity for all South Australian public sector employees to have a say about their workplace. The inaugural survey was conducted in September 2018.

Taking action on your feedback:
I WORK FOR SA – Your Voice Survey Action Plan 2019-20

The South Australian Public Sector Action Plan 2019-20 is shaped by employee responses to the inaugural I WORK FOR SA – Your Voice Survey. It also aligns to feedback and ideas generated through engagement with 150 South Australian public sector leaders.

The action plan provides a whole-of-government approach to help the sector perform at its best, improve the way we work, and maximise wellbeing at work. The plan will help us deliver and progress tangible outcomes that support employees in their respective workplaces.

It outlines key projects to guide us to deliver on our commitment to build positive workplace cultures founded on the South Australian Public Sector Values and Code of Ethics.

The Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment is responsible for coordinating the delivery of the projects outlined in this plan, in partnership with agencies.

The action plan’s initiatives form part of helping to transform our public sector. Many agencies have already acted upon their survey results and will continue to progress local area actions alongside this plan’s sector-wide roll-out.

Download the plan (if printing, please adjust printer settings to A3) or explore the projects below.

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The Commissioner for Public Sector Employment invited all South Australian public sector employees to complete the first I WORK FOR SA – Your Voice Survey in September and October 2018.

The survey provides valuable insight to help ensure the public sector is an employer of choice that positively serves our community. It gathers information on employees’ experiences at work and their perceptions on a range of workplace matters including values, wellbeing, development, leadership and inclusivity.

The survey provides the opportunity to gain:

  • A ‘big picture’ view of employee perceptions across the South Australian Public Sector, including strengths and opportunities for improvement, and
  • Local area views of employee perceptions of strengths and areas for improvement within their agencies.

The survey is coordinated by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (OCPSE), working in collaboration with South Australian public sector departments and agencies.

The survey is designed to supplement the Commissioner’s State of the Sector Report and help improve the quality of data available about the public sector workforce.

The 2018 survey was facilitated by independent provider, ORC International. ORC International is an independent research company, bound by the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct.

2018 Survey Results – South Australian Government Highlights Report
The inaugural I WORK FOR SA – Your Voice Survey opened on 24 September and closed on 26 October 2018, with a sector-wide final response rate of 22% (24,341 completed surveys).

Sector-wide results – summary of what employees told us

One of our sector’s best performing areas is employee engagement. This is a critical measure to show us people are engaged, are productive, and are driven to do their best. The results show there’s generally a strong alignment with our sector’s purpose, objectives, values and behaviours, there’s a strong motivation to improve what we do and, employees are committed to workplace safety.

While employees generally feel their colleagues and managers act in accordance with the South Australian Public Sector Values, the results also highlight the following as areas for improvement:

  • How the sector enables our employees to perform at their best, including our approaches to performance management and development;
  • Employee career and working conditions, including how the sector enables career paths and mobility of the public sector workforce;
  • How we best enable visible and effective leadership across the sector, including leading and managing change;
  • Maximising the wellbeing of our employees at work and effectively addressing bullying and harassment; and
  • How the sector ensures a culture of continuous improvement to effectively identify and manage risks, and how we improve the way we work.

The sector-wide survey results show expectations are low around putting actions in place to address feedback. This highlights the importance of the action plan.