Safety is key to a worker’s health, wellbeing and productivity. Health and safety means more than preventing accidents and incidents. It is the strategic creation of supportive workplaces where wellbeing is integral to workplace health and safety.

Work health and safety policies and standards are in place to make sure everyone in the public sector knows their rights and responsibilities at work. We provide strategic advice to the public sector on this topic as well as on return to work and the auditing and verification of workplace health and safety practices. A culture of transparency, open reporting and accountability is important to keep the public sector workforce safe.

Our safety strategy, Building Safety Excellence in the Public Sector, provides a plan for the continuous improvement of safety performance, through the application of four pillars of safety excellence:

  • Safety Leadership;
  • Wellbeing and Engagement;
  • Risk Management; and
  • Performance Measurement.

It enables agencies to tailor their own strategies to move towards safety excellence through addressing the priority action areas of these four pillars.

  • Ensure that safety is given the highest priority in the work of the public sector.
  • Assist agencies to identify challenges to health and safety, and address them before they adversely impact on workers.
  • Create mentally healthy workplaces that support employees through their public sector career.
  • Provide leadership and drive safety performance to support a high performing public sector.
  • Enable the safe return to work of injured workers.

Through implementation of the Building Safety Excellence strategy, agencies are assisted to:

  • Build an organisational culture of continuous improvement in WHS
  • Increase productivity through an engaged and healthy workforce
  • Manage safety responsibilities in a transparent and accessible manner
  • Enhance accountability for safety performance
  • Effectively use performance information for evaluation  of systems and evidence based decisionā€making.

Useful information on health and safety in the workplace and return to work following injury can be found on the following sites:

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