The South Australian Leadership Academy is committed to providing continuous learning opportunities for managers and executives in the South Australian public sector.

How we work is rapidly changing. Hybrid teams, emerging technologies, increased competition for talent and constant disruption are all features of the modern workplace. Within this environment, it’s increasingly crucial for us to invest in our professional development so that our sector can deliver its best work for all South Australians.

The Leadership Series offers online short courses that are designed to grow your knowledge quickly and offer dynamic, practical content relevant to your work, which can be easily applied within your team.

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How do we lead others through change and imagine new ways of delivering for our teams and for our stakeholders?

Join Anna Ranaldo as she unpacks how to lead change in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world of COVID-19.

  • Learn how to lead during change using the ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) approach.
  • Explore the major pitfalls that cause change efforts to fail.
  • Identify how to harness and regulate emotions during change for your team.
  • Discover default leadership responses – Moving Away, Moving Towards, Moving Against – and how to build grounded confidence as a leader.

Date: Tuesday 23 May 2023 (10:00am – 12noon) Register here

Audience: Aspiring Managers, Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Anna Ranaldo, Collective Courage

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST

How do we engage effectively with others when agendas misalign or emotions run high?

We all have difficult conversations as part of our work. Whether it’s managing up, ensuring accountability within a team, or sharing feedback that may risk disappointing others, these conversations are an important but challenging aspect of building and maintaining relationships with others.

Join Anna Ranaldo as she unpacks the core skills required to become a difficult conversations champion! This session will help you to:

  • define what a difficult conversation is.
  • deal with issues to better support your team.
  • manage conversations which involve risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure.
  • learn how people self-protect during difficult conversations.
  • explore ways to regulate emotions in self and others.
  • utilise the AIID Model for giving difficult feedback.
  • learn tips to expand conversations and gain alignment.

Date: Monday 27 March 2023 (1.00 – 2.30pm) Register here

Audience: Employees, Aspiring Managers, Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Anna Ranaldo, Collective Courage

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST

Never before in human history has our attitude to learning and adaptation been so critical to our ability to navigate work and life successfully.

Unfortunately, our culture’s focus on the role of innate talent in performance means that many of us have little confidence in our capacity to learn new skills and approaches. As a result, we may limit our own potential to grow and develop.

  • Discover the five dimensions that distinguish a ‘Fixed Mindset' from a ‘Growth Mindset’.
  • Learn how to use Growth Mindset ‘voice’ to meet challenges, overcome obstacles and respond to feedback effectively.
  • Explore how to help cultivate a Growth Mindset in those around you.
  • Adopt Five Tiny Habits to strengthen your Growth Mindset.

Date: Thursday 30 March 2023 (1:00pm - 3:00pm) Register here

Audience: Employees, Aspiring Managers, Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Anna Lee, Leed Consulting

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST

In a time of dynamic and changing environments, how can leaders stabilise their team and build confidence and capability? How can we create high functioning teams working hybridly or geographically dispersed?

Join Steve Nayda as he shares the characteristics common to high functioning teams, methods of increasing performance individually and collectively and how to create an environment for innovation and improvement.

During this webinar you will:

  • Discover a practical model for building high performing teams.
  • Learn methods to build trusted work relationships in your team.
  • Explore how to build psychological safety.
  • Create team purpose and shared goals.
  • Uncover ‘the silver bullet’ to build individual performance.

Date: Wednesday 3 May 2023 (9.30am – 12noon) Register here

Audience: Aspiring Managers, Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Nayda Consulting

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST

Join Penny Myerscough as she unpacks how to lead teams in the space of psychological safety and mental health.

During Part A webinar, you will learn:

  • Introduction to psychological safety.
  • The role of supportive leadership.
  • The building blocks of a psychologically safe and resilient team.
  • Supportive leadership behaviours.
  • How to recognise early warning signs for someone shifting long the wellbeing continuum.
  • How to have wellbeing conversations.

During Part B webinar, you will learn:

  • R U OK? Conversations nexus with performance/ conduct management.
  • Resources to assist.
  • Next steps and call to action.
  • Gain insights into the top five psychosocial risks that contribute to poor mental health or psychological injury in the workplace.
  • Learn why staying in ‘good work’ recovery from a mental health concern contributes positively to an employee’s wellbeing.
  • Build your capabilities in making reasonable adjustments to accommodate recovery and prevent relapse (including active work management and SMART work design)
  • Improve your skills in managing recovery in a virtual hybrid environment.

Dates: Part A: Thursday 4 May 2023 (1.00 -2.30pm) and Part B: Thursday 18 May 2023 (1.00 – 2.30pm) Register here

Audience: Aspiring Managers, Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Penny Myerscough, Centre for Corporate Health NSW

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST (this includes both webinars and post course activities and new app for use)

A robust and accountable corporate governance framework must be in place to protect and balance the interests of its many stakeholders.

The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of effective governance, including the function of risk management, and how both contribute to improved corporate performance.

The key objectives are to:

  • define corporate governance, governance standards, and explore current governance issues.
  • examine the role of the board and its risk management responsibilities.
  • recognise the principles and practice of effective risk governance.
  • explore risk culture assessment.

Date: Tuesday 6 June 2023 (9.30am – 12.30pm) Register here

Audience: Aspiring Managers, Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Governance Institute of Australia

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST

*This webinar forms one of the compulsory courses offered in the Certificate in Governance and Risk Management. No prior qualification required. If you want to complete the Certificate you will need to complete a 20 multiple choice test for each of the six short courses required for their Certificate, within a 12-month period. This is the first subject to be offered in the certificate.

Coaching in the workplace is a skill that many leaders are adopting. Reveal the potential in staff and enable an above the line culture where individual accountability, responsibility and problem solving are the norm.

This is a virtual workshop where you will have the opportunity to try out coaching scenarios.

  • Recognise what coaching is and when to use it with staff.
  • Use coaching frameworks to manage conversations.
  • Set goals for your team to maximise performance.
  • Learn strategies to coach through change.

Date: Wednesday 7 June 2023 (10.00am – 11.30am) Register here

Audience: Managers, Aspiring Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Michelle Bakjac, Bakjac Consulting

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST

During this informative workshop, drawing on research from the fields of neuroscience, biology, psychology and contemporary management best practice, participants will explore the fundamental elements of managing performance including:

  • The principles of high performing teams and the role of managing performance in creating resilient, confident, empowered individuals and teams.
  • Establishing psychological safety as a foundation for effective performance management through values and strengths using Dr David Rock’s SCARF model.
  • Creating a clear line of site to strategic purpose for all team members.
  • Establishing meaningful and measurable performance expectations, including behaviours.
  • Addressing behaviours that fall short of expectations using a fact-based approach to difficult conversations.
  • Applying policies, processes, and procedures consistently.

Date: Tuesday 13 June 2023 (10.00am – 12:30pm) Register here

Audience: Managers, Aspiring Managers, Executives

Facilitator: Rosslyn Cox, Managing for Performance

Platform: ZOOM

Investment: $275 + GST

Due to intellectual property rights, some webinar recordings are available only for people who registered for the live event and are not listed above for this reason. In this case, the link to these recordings will be emailed to registered participants.

  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • Leveraging Hybrid Teams for Productivity
  • Managing Personal Motivation and Productivity – My Hybrid Working Plan
  • Developing a Customer Centric Approach
  • Promoting a Safe and Inclusive Workplace
  • Managing Large (and Distributed) Teams
  • Tiny Habits - keeping your team strong in uncertain times
  • Tiny Habits - staying focused while working from home
  • Tiny Habits - for parents working (and schooling) from home
  • Virtual Working - creating connected teams
  • Igniting Optimism
  • Manage Large and Distributed Teams
  • The Executive Squeeze
  • How to be an Enterprise Leader
  • When the Curve Flattens
  • Leading through Change
  • Performance Manager Essentials (multiple sessions)
  • Leading Up
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Presence: what it is, its value and how to enhance it (virtual)
  • New world balance: prioritising balance and self-achievement (virtual)
  • Reflect, Reset, Refocus:  bring on the next chapter (virtual)
  • Dare to Lead
  • Radical Candor
  • Leveraging Hybrid Teams for Productivity
  • Coaching for Team Performance
  • Emerging from COVID and the Happiness Trap
  • Managing Personal Motivation and Productivity – My Hybrid Working Plan


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