In response to COVID-19, the South Australian Leadership Academy is offering a series of high impact, high energy webinars, which have been developed specifically for the South Australian Public Sector.

These webinars deliver all the benefits of face-to-face workshops - working with peers, asking questions with immediate answers from our expert facilitators, and plenty of insights.

The first round of webinars was extremely popular and we are scheduling another round of webinars with a mix of previously run and brand new topics, based on your feedback.

Most webinars will be between 60 to 90 minutes long, however the Performance Management interactive workshops will run for three hours. The platform will be either via Teams or Zoom.

Please note this series is for South Australian public sector employees only.

Please see below for current sessions and to enrol.

Since COVID, we have all experienced the good and the bad of using online platforms to connect with our teams.

In this enlightening webinar, Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk will explore the benefits of online communication, and provide practical tips for bringing fun and connection into Teams meetings. Join us as we unpack:

  • Benefits of digital versus face-to-face communication
  • Virtual etiquette in digital communication
  • Digital communication – how much is too much or not enough?
  • Tips for running hybrid meetings
  • Practical ideas for bringing fun and connection to online meetings
  • How to use the full features of the Teams platform
  • Steps in managing information using the Teams platform
  • Using different platforms for different situations.

Date: Thursday, 30 July 1:30 – 3.00 pm

Audience: Managers & Executives

Facilitator: Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, Executive Director and Chief Information Officer for ICT and Digital Government, Department of the Premier & Cabinet

Investment: FREE

Platform: Teams

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Conversations about performance can be difficult. In this session, you will discover how to plan and structure conversations about performance in a way that will enhance your confidence to 'step up' to these conversations early, without delay. We will address the foundations and principles that lead to successful outcomes. You will be shown a framework that will assist in un-packing what matters most. This is an interactive workshop where you will have the opportunity to try out these approaches with your own workplace examples.


  • Key principles underpinning successful conversations
  • A simple model to structure and plan conversations
  • Strategies for successful performance conversations.


29 July 2020 9.30am-12.30pm - FULL.

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Audience: Managers

Facilitator: Debra Sarre, Director, SarreODL

Investment: Free

Join Anna Ranaldo in exploring top tips in managing up. Learn how to build strong relationships and challenge the status quo effectively.

  • Understand the emotional currency of your leader
  • Describe the concept of shared meaning and its impact on trust
  • Clear is kind – understand relationship shields and how these get in the way of influencing effectively
  • Learn the 3 tips for influencing without positional authority

Audience: Managers & Executives
Facilitator: Anna Ranaldo AR Consulting

Rethink the way you lead…

Being successful is determined by much more than just cognitive intelligence. Developing positive relationships, effectiveness, good decision-making, influence, as well as agility and resilience are essential elements of high performance, and primary success factors of emotional intelligence (EQ).


  • Discover how EQ impacts leadership of self and others
  • The impact of EQ on wellbeing, motivation and business success
  • Learn tips and techniques for building effective communication, optimal decision-making and performance.

Audience: Managers & Executives
Facilitator: John Dare Emotous

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Please see our list of previous webinars:

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  • Tiny Habits - staying focused while working from home
  • Tiny Habits - for parents working (and schooling) from home
  • Virtual Working - creating connected teams
  • Igniting Optimism
  • Manage Large and Distributed Teams
  • The Executive Squeeze
  • How to be an Enterprise Leader
  • When the Curve Flattens
  • Leading through Change
  • Performance Manager Essentials (multiple sessions)
  • Leading Up
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Maintain the Momentum and Fast pace of Technology from the COVID period.
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Past Webinars

Recordings of selected webinars are now available to watch in your own time.